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Month: April 2018

We Have Your Cure for Concrete Cancer

In our harsh coastal climate, concrete cancer occurs at alarming rates in buildings that were either built before adequate preventative measures were available, or constructed without proper attention to protecting this strong but vulnerable building material.

We work with many companies to protect their construction investment by applying our
preventative coating system to concrete during construction. However, many of our customers find they’ve inherited projects where concrete cancer has established itself and now jeopardises the strength and integrity of the entire structure. Highrise buildings and balconies in apartment blocks are just two of the areas where concrete cancer is common.
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Prevent the Corrosion of Concrete and Protect Your Build

On the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, we enjoy a coastal lifestyle that’s the envy of many. Our beautiful cities and coastal towns are built along this coastal strip and next to its abundant harbours and waterways and concrete is the chosen building material for many of our buildings and structures.

Concrete is versatile, durable and affordable. Primarily it consists of sand, cement, and aggregate but when it’s used structurally its combined with steel reinforcing, which is where it gets its strength.

The steel acts as reinforcement for the concrete slabs.
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