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Acrylic Render

Cement Render x Acrylic Render – What are the differences?

Cement Render x Acrylic Render – What are the differences?

One of the greatest doubts with regards to facade’s rendering is whether to apply cement render or acrylic render. Even though the final appearances of both renders are selfsame, their methods of execution and properties of material differ quite a lot. Therefore, prices can vary depending on substrates, finishes and specially the specific objectives of the rendering and its warranty.

Let’s take an overall look at these two types of rendering separately.

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Rendering over DINCEL and general PVC Systems

Plastic and PVC System – DINCEL, PERMAFORM, REDIWALL – are getting usual as formwork for walls and columns, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces an economical, strong and durable structure. Together with its high structural performance, its external substrate – hard smooth and Non-adhesive – has challenged the rendering industry to develop effective materials and procedures.

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Make Exterior Walls More Attractive by Acrylic Rendering Service Sydney

Have you grown tired of your home’s fading exterior? Many homeowners have a desire to restore the outward look of their property, but are discouraged by costly renovation fees. If you’re looking for a home improvement solution that won’t break the bank, consider contacting a rendering service provider in Sydney. Unlike other types of renovations, acrylic rendering can be a quick and affordable alternative for people looking to reinforce and beautify their existing structure. Continue reading




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