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Drones to Map and Manage Construction Sites

Aerial drones can be an innovative way for Construction Companies tracks progress and conduct survey inspections on the job site. Daily or weekly drone flights help construction managers and contractors get the most up to date reporting for an effective construction progress, what can be a smart key to manage material, workers resources, reduce downtime and most important, keep the project on schedule and budget. The latest generation of drones put professional-quality aerial imagery into the hands of project managers in a fast way and more cost-effective than ever before.


Have a look five way that may work as a building site benefit:

    1. Asset Management

Construction assets including equipment, materials, and other resources can be easily identified and tagged from an overfly. Forecasted quantity materials would be calculated from projects, and site manager can quickly allocate space for these resources.

2. Quality Inspection

Instead of a mountain of paperwork’s and pictures reports, a drone fly allows a live view of the building, permitting safely capture a high-resolution aerial view of a site in minutes. When back to the office, it’s easy to analyze, make measurements and shares reports to help the team make better and faster decisions.

3. Work, Health and Safety management

The drone can be flown over structures and building to observe if all safety systems are in place and being complied with. The drones have a dual role, the first being the ability have and overview of work taking place in a very short period and much quicker than a person having to access all levels to check on compliance.

4. Quantity Surveying
Instead of using human resources, which may not be able to access everywhere, Drones can be used for a quick inspection through the site construction. The drones can easily fly nearby the desired area, such as a fast track, collect information,survey quantities, and construction progress.

5. Progress report

When the customers stay away or are not able to afford to be on site periodically, the drone’s resources such as pictures and movies records may be an innovative way to keep them really satisfied.






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