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Facade Issues into a Modernization

Walking around Sydney bring up a pleasant and admirable feeling by the Australian residential architectural styles, among them, residential buildings which show with it amazing masonry facades built couple decades ago.

As every material, maintenance is one of the highest priority to granting a long life, mainly when the substrate isn’t flat properly, exposed to accumulate any external elements and inclement weather.
Brickworks is a very common building that quite often needs attention.
In the course of time, brick’s facade can expand and crack, fret and bow, soak and effloresce, which may become and an unsightly deterioration process.

Masonry Facade

This apparition comes from a reaction between the brick with dispersed weather elements which promote differents efflorescent types, tend to appear as a fine, sometimes white, common as notables water spots on the masonry surface. It’s really common to find in coastal regions, like eastern and north shore suburbs.

Water Spots

Once occurred, although we are in time, a surface treatment with chemical cleaners and a special cover coating have shown good success when done properly. Besides beating facade damage, the new coat can provide a new aesthetic aspect, turn into a modern and sophisticated building.

The brick face can be replaced for an acrylic render forwarding to a texture final coat. This coating consists not as a palliative solution, but a definitely one for a long period. It’s an innovative material made by polymers, wich has been highlighting as an effective solution. It contains a flexible and lightweight feature, wich allows to be resilient over wall’s natural movements.

The real estate market beats for you. Enjoy this time and design your wishes, cut out your troubles taking intelligent solutions to transform your house into an amazing place.





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