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Is the Facade of Your Building an Expensive Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Your building’s exterior structure is too important to risk. Not only is it essential for maintaining a pleasing appearance, even more crucially a building’s surface acts as the protective coating to the structure inside.

Now more than ever, we see more reasons why facade inspection and maintenance is critical. The development of new lighter construction methods and materials has presented new challenges regarding design and production, and these materials are sometimes retrofit to existing structures. With age, facades may experience degradation due to normal wear and tear and chemical exposure, and with so many of our buildings located near our Australian coastline, salty and moisture-laden air can cause concrete cancer.

The only way to avoid costly repairs or irreversible damage to the structure of your building is to undertake a detailed inspection of your building’s facade.

With scheduled, regular assessments you eliminate the possibility of overlooking minor issues. Over time, small problems can become major ones, and that means expensive repairs that could have been avoided.

A Super Render detailed inspection includes a written audit of structural integrity, the condition of masonry coating and surfaces and the results of inspections on windows and doors. It’s critical at this stage to identify any issues and have the experience to understand at what stage of the construction process a problem may have originated.

Our experience in installing and rectifying building surfaces qualifies us to assess whether the origin is a failure in design, poor quality of materials, insufficient quality control during construction or lack of maintenance during the life of the building. Identifying why and when the structural integrity of the structure has been compromised can reduce the likelihood of further issues in the future.

Once we’ve assessed your building, we can provide a detailed plan for rectification work. As experienced and highly regarded renderers, painters and special coatings experts, and with our proficiency in all aspects of joint sealing/caulking and concrete repair, we base our rectification plans on our sound understanding of what it will take to restore your facade and minimise degradation, wear and tear and failure in structural integrity.

Working with you, and drawing again on our experience, we can then utilise the Super Render team to deliver the most effective and cost-efficient rectification work to reinstate the structural integrity and functionality of your building.




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