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Advantages of Acrylic Rendering

Advantages of Acrylic Rendering: Due to the flexible nature of acrylic rendering it will last for a longer time than you had expected it to be, avoiding cracks on a longer run. Having a natural flexibility buildings and walls are protected from having cracks and airline damages on the walls of your homes over a period. The renders can be made of any choices and finishing thereby giving a complete look to your buildings and houses.

When you chose to do acrylic rendering you have the option to make it smoother or textured, as you like to have it. Acrylic rendering can be applied to any different types of substrates. There is also an added benefit of acrylic render, which dries out quickly than the other rendering options we have making you finish your rendering process quickly in a shorter time. You also have an added benefit of it, such as it allows the material down under to dry out without having the moisture being let inside. It also safe guards from formation of Fungus or bacteria.

Acrylic Render Gallery

What is Acrylic Render?

ACRYLIC RENDER are modified cement based renders designed to provide weather resistant, decorative, render finishes, suitable for application over most building material substrates in interior and exterior wall and ceiling applications. Have superior water resistance and strength. They can be used on a wider variety of surfaces, including concrete, cement blocks, and AAC concrete panelling. With the right preparation, they can be used on smoother surfaces like cement sheeting, new high tech polymer exterior cladding such as Uni-Base, and expanded Polystyrene. A few of these require activation with cement just prior to application.

There are also a wide variety of premixed renders for different situations. Some have a polymer additive to the traditional cement, lime and sand mix for enhanced water resistance, flexibility and adhesion.

Acrylic Render Gallery

Building the TRUST.

Another rendering project proudly done by SUPER RENDER. The block of units is located in Maroubra. As it is located right in front of the ocean the bricks start to disintegrate. That is a common problem in the eastern suburbs, with more than 60% of the buildings are face brick. That means there is a lot of rendering to do for years to come. We have applied 3 coats of acrylic render on top of the painted brick surface in order for the render to seal and protect the bricks from the the salt coming from the ocean.

Blue Texture, How good it looks!

Beautiful house in North Curl Curl. Cement render applied on top of the bricks walls, with a texture coat (choose your colour, any colour) after the Cement render has been applied.
Another rendering job proudly done by Super Render.




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