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Prevent the Corrosion of Concrete and Protect Your Build

On the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, we enjoy a coastal lifestyle that’s the envy of many. Our beautiful cities and coastal towns are built along this coastal strip and next to its abundant harbours and waterways and concrete is the chosen building material for many of our buildings and structures.

Concrete is versatile, durable and affordable. Primarily it consists of sand, cement, and aggregate but when it’s used structurally its combined with steel reinforcing, which is where it gets its strength.

The steel acts as reinforcement for the concrete slabs.

While we enjoy our refreshing sea salt coastal breezes, they have a devastating effect on this building material. When reinforced concrete is exposed to the salt air and moisture from the coastal atmosphere, corrosion of the reinforcement begins. This is commonly known as concrete cancer.

Concrete cancer is a critical issue affecting concrete’s structural integrity and strength. Once it’s taken hold in a structure, and if it’s left untreated, the steel will expand causing the surrounding surface concrete to spall. Corrosion of the steel reinforcing will then accelerate from this point on. The next stage in the disintegration of this material is a costly repair, vigilant maintenance and in worst case scenarios even demolition.

There is a way to protect your next construction project from the devastating effects of concrete cancer, and that’s to take preventative measures to protect your concrete with a protection system.

If applied during the construction process, the Super Render concrete coating will form a protective barrier to prevent salt reaching the steel reinforcing.

The long-term benefits of the preventative application of a protective coating are clear:

  • there’s a smaller investment initially as opposed to costly reactive maintenance
  • if scheduled as part of the construction process, the application of the system causes minimal disruption to the build
  • once the coating is applied, there is a significant increase in the lifespan of the structure
  • maintenance is only required every seven years
  • you avoid the costly repairs needed once concrete cancer has established itself.

The applications aren’t just limited to buildings but to infrastructure projects such as bridges and dams and even concrete retaining walls, wharves and difficult access projects.

Super Render is already a highly professional and sought after rendering group. The establishment of this new service means they can bring their skills and practices to solve another critical issue in the construction industry.

By involving us in the planning phase of your construction project, our professional estimators can provide you with a calculated project cost and indicative project schedule. When we’re on your site, our qualified team will implement our quality assurance system to ensure this vital system is applied professionally and faultlessly to provide maximum protection to your concrete and gain you maximum life from your project.




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