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Rendering over DINCEL and general PVC Systems

Plastic and PVC System – DINCEL, PERMAFORM, REDIWALL – are getting usual as formwork for walls and columns, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces an economical, strong and durable structure. Together with its high structural performance, its external substrate – hard smooth and Non-adhesive – has challenged the rendering industry to develop effective materials and procedures.

Manufacturers have been taking smart and technological ways to provide a quality solution, achieving by the material’s science, most specific polymer’s sources, a plenty of acrylics and high-performance mortars, powered by the market leaders ASTEC, DULUX, STO, NOVATEX, TAUBMANS, ROCKCOTE and others. To put it into a smart way and keep the cost benefits from the PVC Systems, highly recommended panels to be installed and checked as per manufacturer’s manuals, attending correct alignment – on perfect level and square – what is a critical point to avoid extra costs. Practical spreading rates will vary from quotes theoretical figures depending on substrate alignment, surface undulation and fill required.

ASTEC render system applied on the Plastic / PVC Systems
ASTEC render system applied on the Plastic / PVC Systems
  •  Preliminary Services – Preparation
    Once panels up, the substrate must be washed/clean, dry and free of all contaminants, as such dust, oils, mortar slash or general dirties. Following by a scuffing over the surface using an angle grinder and disk abrasion or a solvent primer coating, what will achieve a rough and tackiness surface. Clean down the walls with detergent and pressure water to get the substrate ready for coatings.
  •  Key Coat – Scratch layer
    The first coat has the role to ensure the adhesion between the substrate and the next coat, creating a new surface with a poriferous aspect, allowing the base coat penetration. Application by a spray stripple or notch trowel of sufficient matter to fill major to flatten out high spots to aid leveling of the subsequent coats.
  •  Base Coat – Levelling Coat
    Using a Hawk and stainless steel trowel, a base coat will be applied and immediately screed level using steel edges in several motions. Firm up and process using poly float to a level surface. May require 1 or more coats to achieve a level surface – relative to substrate surface alignment and or application thickness applied.
  •  Finishing Texture and Top Coat
    After ensuring all gaps and imperfection has been filled, a skin layer will granted a level surface, following up with a light floating to finish as a uniform surface. Next coats come in accordance to the project finish specifications, what will bring the colour and textures by the client choice, with adequate protection and resistance for the specific environment.

The SUPER RENDER has been developing a quality management plan together with staffs and suppliers, keep a skilled team, trained and able to provide a rendering solution with quality and warranty.




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