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The Importance to Choose the Right Type of Render for Your Project – The 5x Main Considerations

Choosing the right render material for your project is a big commitment and not one you should take lightly. Seeking professional advice is the first step towards getting the best render finish. Here at Super Render our years of experience applying and maintaining rendered surfaces, positions us to provide the best advice for your job.

The 5x main considerations when making your rendering decision are:


1 – What is the facade substrate?

The first thing to consider for rendering work is the substrate.

Different substrates demand different rendering methodologies.

The rendering process may vary from the substrate preparation to the applied products resulting, sometimes, in substantial price changes.

The most common substrates are:

  • Masonry (Brick/ blockwork)
  • Concrete
  • Polystyrene/EPS Foam (EPS)
  • Blueboard (Fibre Cement Sheet)
  • AAC Lightweight Panels (Hebel)
  • Dincel/ Rediwall (PVC)
  • AFS Logicwall/ Ritek XL

The main idea behind matching rendering systems to the substrate is simple: Cimenticious/ Ceramic substrate fits with cimenticious rendering, polymeric substrates fit with polymeric rendering.

For example, a simple block wall can be rendered with basic sand and cement plaster after cleaning and setting up the angles, but a PVC wall demands a different approach.

After cleaning and setting up the angles the surface needs to be sand scuff and then the full rendering system – far more complex (and multicoating) than the sand and cement render – can be applied.

A wrong decision at this point may result in reduced or non-adherence between the substrate and render causing finishing problems that may be catastrophic and most certainly will impact on the project’s final budget.

With so many things to consider it’s critical to seek professional support. The Super Render team has a thorough understanding of rendering peculiarities and will provide the best solution to your project.

2 – What finish style are you looking for?

Choosing a finish is a very personal decision.

Luckily there’s a wide range of finishing textures and colors available to create the perfect rendering style for your project.

With their range of materials and textures, Super Render can offer the best products, colours and application finishes across a variety of finishes:

  • Polished Concrete Look
  • Acrylic/ Cement Bagged Finish
  • Acrylic/ Cement Sponge Finish
  • Acrylic Coloured Texture
  • Sand coat (rough finish)
  • Fine coat (smooth finish)
  • Pearl coat (shine finish)
  • Acrylic Roll-On Coloured Texture
  • White Set
  • Decorative finishes: Venetian, Marrakesh, Velvetina, Clay decor, Lime base,


3 – What is the finishing render lifespan and what are the warranty options?

Over the past ten years, rendering technology has advanced significantly, with the introduction of new products and improvement of existing ones.

Because of this, and the increased professionalism in the industry, suppliers can provide long time warranties for their services.

To ensure the warranty is available, the rendering product sets need to be applied in particular conditions which demand trained professionals execute the job.

Super Render is certified by the following suppliers, complying with all their warranty standards:

  • Rockcote
  • Dulux
  • Astec
  • Euromix
  • Parchem
  • MacRender

Super Render certification ensures your job is carried out with extreme professionalism and consistency.

4 – What is the schedule for your project?

Rendering has vastly evolved and what was before a very simplistic part of a civil construction project can now be very complex, and because rendering is a finishing job, it’s essential for scheduling that your project is “render ready”.

Super Render’s team of engineers can assist you to identify the perfect commencement time for rendering, fitting within your project’s schedule and preventing extra expenditure.


5 – What is your budget?

When Super Render prices a rendering job, the following variables are always taken into consideration:

  • The substrate and its finishing quality: The better finished the wall, the less preparation is required. However, the least prepared the wall; more preparation would be needed, such as the addition of more layers, a longer time setting up angles or wall plumbing where necessary.
  • Type of rendering finish: This is the most common variable for price and can vary significantly depending on the material supplier and finishing style.
  • Job complexity: Render can be applied in almost any façade detail, but the more complex the job, the more time consuming it will be and this will affect the overall project cost.

Quoting rendering projects can be complicated!

However, Super Render has an experienced team of engineers and estimators who will work around the project budget guiding you through several options.

Super Render’s primary goal is to align customer needs with the best possible price and avoid variations by understanding the job requirements from the outset.

Bonus – Everything you need to know in one place

Super Render has the best team to assist and optimise your rendering project at every level bringing together price, innovation, and professionalism no matter the project size.




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