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We Have Your Cure for Concrete Cancer

In our harsh coastal climate, concrete cancer occurs at alarming rates in buildings that were either built before adequate preventative measures were available, or constructed without proper attention to protecting this strong but vulnerable building material.

We work with many companies to protect their construction investment by applying our
preventative coating system to concrete during construction. However, many of our customers find they’ve inherited projects where concrete cancer has established itself and now jeopardises the strength and integrity of the entire structure. Highrise buildings and balconies in apartment blocks are just two of the areas where concrete cancer is common.

It’s critical that once you suspect cancer is occurring in your concrete structures, you act immediately. Once it’s taken hold, if it’s left untreated, corrosion of the steel reinforcing accelerates at an alarming rate. The next stage in the disintegration of this material is a costly repair, vigilant maintenance and in worst case scenarios even demolition.

What is concrete cancer?

Concrete consists primarily of sand, cement, and aggregate but when it’s used structurally its
combined with steel reinforcing, which is where it gets its strength. The steel acts as reinforcement for the concrete slabs, piers and beams, but the steel also is very susceptible to corrosion. When reinforced concrete is exposed to the salt air and moisture from our coastal environment, corrosion of the reinforcement begins. When steel corrodes, it expands, cracking concrete and weakening the structural integrity of the slab, and this is most often when it becomes apparent a building has the beginnings of concrete cancer.

What to look out for. Is it concrete cancer?

If you have any suspicion that your building or structure is compromised by corrosion, contact us.
Testing for concrete cancer is a specialised field. We’ll assess the structure and issue you a report identifying if the issue is present. If we don’t believe your problem has yet advanced to concrete cancer we can make suggestions for ongoing preventative maintenance. However, if it needs immediate attention, we’ll provide a quote and a strategy to fix the problem.

How can we fix your problem?

If we’ve identified your structure has concrete cancer, we break away the damaged concrete and treat the corroded steel bars. New steel bars are welded into place and new coats of special mortar are applied with extra thickness so the new steel is protected against environmental factors and further corrosion.

Why Super Render?

With over ten years of providing cement rendering to the industry, we are uniquely placed to repair concrete structures. Our thorough approach, professional team and quality control systems ensure you get the best possible repair.




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